Molvest shipped 100 tons of whey permeate powder to China

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Molvest Dairy Holding has shipped the first batch of whey permeate powder to China. A total of 100 tons of products will be sent to China in four containers, which will arrive at their destination by sea within 1.5 months.

The supply was carried out within the framework of cooperation with the Chinese company Qingdao Ruiinuo Food Ingredients Co. LTD, under which Voronezh Molvest will supply innovative ingredients for food and beverages.


In the Chinese market, Molvest competes with leaders from the United States and Europe. According to Valery Zubkov, Deputy Commercial Director of the company, ‘taking into account the quality of products, the holding is ready to compete even in such an important market for the entire global dairy industry as China.’

In turn, Svetlana Kuznetsova, director of the Kalacheevsky cheese factory, reminded that Molvest launched production for processing whey in 2019, and then the products were in demand in the domestic market.

‘When processing whey, the output is a whey protein concentrate with a protein content of 80 percent (WPC-80) and whey permeate powder. Our product has passed laboratory control and certification not only in Russia, but also at the world level. We are proud of this result and are confident in further increasing export volumes,’ said the head of the production site.

Now, the capacity of Kalacheevsky cheese factory of the holding company Molvest is loaded almost 100%. The company produces 8,300 tons of permeate /year and 1,000 tons of whey protein concentrate / year. Since 2020, the product will be supplied abroad.

The main consumers of permeate in China are confectionery manufacturers. This industry has long been noted by analysts and market experts as promising for the development of cooperation with dairy enterprises - suppliers of innovative products.

‘Molvest plans to increase exports to 20% of the dry dairy products produced. In addition, the holding intends to develop cooperation with the UAE,’ stressed in the company.

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