Ministry of industry and trade: the Government made an unprecedented concession for the labeling of milk

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Ekaterina Priezzheva, Head of the Department of digital product labeling and product circulation legalization of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, spoke about the changes made on November 27 to the draft resolution regulating the introduction of mandatory labeling. The expert said that, in particular, the stages of project implementation were corrected, reports The DairyNews.

According to Ekaterina Priezzheva, the start of digital labeling for the dairy industry has not changed. It is scheduled for January 20, 2021. Since this date, it is possible to voluntarily label dairy products and record their departure through the cash register.


The next important point concerns wholesale and retail sales. On September 1, 2022, volume and article accounting for the UPT is included, and this way, and not through the cash register equipment, the goods will be recorded at departure. Since this date, there are requirements for mandatory labeling of ice cream and cheese. Starting since December 1, 2023, per item traceability begins for products with a shelf life of more than 40 days.

The last stage, according to the Head of the Department of digital labeling of goods and legalization of product circulation of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, begins on December 1, 2021, when the requirements for mandatory labeling for goods with an expiration date of 40 days or less come into force. At the same time, it will be necessary to record the disposal of labeled products through the cash register with the filing of the labeling system.

-The government made an unprecedented concession to the requests of business. In addition, the requirements for per item traceability do not apply to products with a shelf life of 40 days or less. Accordingly, such products will be tracked in a volumetric and articular way, - said Ekaterina Priezzheva.

The expert noted that, as in previous versions, the requirements for mandatory labeling for farmers when selling through their own retail come into force on December 1, 2022.

Ekaterina Priezzheva highlighted some exceptions. Labeling codes are issued free of charge until the mandatory labeling requirements come into force. In this regard, the remains of goods that were put into circulation before the start of the mandatory requirements of each of the three subgroups are not labeled until the expiration date.

- We do not label products with a net weight of 30 g or less, baby food for children under 3 years, as well as whole and preventive food. The government made these changes to the project on November 27, 2020. Accordingly, if there are any comments left, they will be resolved at the government's site. In principle, I think we did a very good job. Thanks a lot to Soyuzmoloko, because they removed almost all the controversial issues. I think that in the final version, little will change in the draft resolution, concluded Ekaterina Priezzheva.

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