Mikhail Nikolaev will speak at the XII Dairy Olympics

Источник: The DairyNews
Managing partner of the Family Enterprise "Nikolaev & Sons" Mikhail Nikolaev will speak at the XII Dairy Olympics in the framework of the session "Wine in law" and will talk about how the dairy industry and winemaking are connected, writes The DairyNews.

‘Wine and cheese-making is an artisan farming sphere, it is part of gastronomy. In fact, this is manual labor. We have achieved success thanks to a good raw material base: we have our own sheep in cheese-making and our own vineyards in wine-making. We also imported experience, hiring enough well-known consultants to get the knowledge that was not available in the country quickly,’ said Mikhail Nikolaev.

The expert noted that the dairy industry will be interested in the topic of wine and cheese, because these are related products for sale, and the challenges in cheese making and winemaking in Russia are similar.

‘At the event, I want to talk about our experience and learn interesting cases for myself, because we started our activities even before the counter-sanctions, that is, even before cheese making and winemaking became a fashionable occupation. Perhaps now our activities need to be adjusted. Therefore, I expect a professional exchange of experience from the XII Dairy Olympics in Novorossiysk,’ summed up Mikhail Nikolaev.

You can learn more about wine and cheese at our event, which will take place from 23 to 27 May in Novorossiysk.

You can study the program and the list of experts of the event on the website of the XII Dairy Olympics.

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