Mikhail Mishchenko: Up to 50% of artificial milk will be produced by 2030

Источник: The DairyNews
According to the analytical data provided by Mikhail Mishchenko, Director General of Dairy Intelligence Agency, during the panel discussion "Green Agenda and Milk" organized within the framework of the International Exhibition of Animal Husbandry, Breeding and Feed Production "AGROS- 2022", 20% natural milk from cows, 30% plant-based and about 50% artificial milk will be produced in the world by 2030, writes The DairyNews.

The event was organized by Dairy Intelligence Agency (DIA) and The DairyNews.

‘Over the past 20 years, in European countries, for example, the number of dairy cows has decreased by 5 million,’ the speaker stressed. ‘This is because it is difficult for people to live with a large number of dairy farms nearby.’

When asked to what extent such a situation, including the "Green Agenda", is relevant for Russia, he explained on the example of Moscow region and the Netherlands, whose territories are approximately the same – almost 20 million people live in Moscow and Moscow region and about 17 million people in the Netherlands, and the population density is almost the same. At the same time, there are 41 cows per 1 sq. km in the Netherlands and 2 cows in Moscow and Moscow region.

‘We have already exceeded the plan for the "Green Agenda", in which they are trying to include us,’ Mikhail Mishchenko summed up. ‘We are lagging behind in terms of population, its density and the number of dairy cows per 1 sq. km, which on average in Russia is 0,26 animals per 1 sq. km. Especially when you consider that dairy cows are kept mainly in the European part of the country, whereas there are practically no dairy cows in Eastern Siberia.

Минфин внес в правительство РФ законопроект о введении прогрессивной шкалы НДФЛ. The DairyNews спросил у представителей отрасли и аналитиков, как введение новой системы НДФЛ может отразиться на работе бизнеса молочных предприятий. Эксперты считают, что значительных изменений для молочников ждать не стоит. При этом динамика роста зарплат в стране может снизиться, отмечают аналитики.
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