Medium and large enterprises may not have time to implement labeling in production

Источник: The DairyNews
At a webinar on cheese labeling organized by First Bit, the representative of the company, Elena Ryabova, spoke about the average time that enterprises will need to automate their processes. The data was based on the experiments of the CATD: according to the speaker, small enterprises have a chance to prepare for the introduction of labeling on time, reports The DairyNews.

‘For small enterprises, automation takes from 1.5 to three months, no less. If you start now — there are two months left before the cheese labeling starts – and you are a small company, you will have time,’ the expert explained, noting that the time is needed not only to implement the appropriate technologies, but also to check the equipment, as well as to train employees in new algorithms.


"If you are a large company, in fact, you do not keep up with the labeling. It will be necessary to do some manual way, at the moment, now, to do carry out labeling specifically for the cheese. Then – since September 1, other product groups are included — to develop other additional solutions,’ the speaker warned large manufacturers who did not have time to start preparing in time.

‘According to the structure of the solution: if you are a small cheese factory, then some of the levels actually "collapse". That is, you are dealing mainly with L1, L4. If a large production, then you have all the levels present, because you have a conveyor, machine vision, a production cycle management system and further sending data to the "Honest Mark", summed up Elena Ryabova, justifying such a long preparation time for medium and large productions. 

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