Mayorov: The task of localizing the production of baby food will be solved next year

Источник: The DairyNews
The implementation of a number of projects will significantly solve the problem of self-sufficiency of the country with specialized products for the nutrition of young children, said the senator, quoted by the press service of the Federation Council.

During the meeting in the Federation Council, Alexey Mayorov noted that earlier an Action Plan ("Road map") was developed and approved in December 2019 for the creation of production facilities for adapted infant formula (breast milk substitution) and components in the Russian Federation, which includes measures of state support, customs, tariff and tax regulation, and support in the field of trade. Currently, this "Road map" is being actively implemented and a number of tasks have already been solved, reports The DairyNews on data provided by the Federation Council.

Thus, preferential short-term loans are allocated for the purchase of milk-raw materials for the production of dry dairy products, as well as preferential investment loans for the construction, reconstruction and modernization of facilities (workshops) for the production of ingredients and mixtures from them for the production of milk-based baby food for young children and the purchase of equipment for them.

According to Alexey Mayorov, the issue of importing one of the most important components for the production of infant formula – demineralized whey powder with a demineralization level of 90 percent - to Russia from the "sanctioned" countries has now been resolved. The Ministry of agriculture issues import permit for specific parties of this product, and this order will be valid until reaching a sufficient production volume of this component at Russian enterprises. ‘The terms of implementation and reaching the design capacity of domestic projects for the production of this type of product are planned for 2022-2023,’ the senator said.

Investment projects are also being implemented to create capacities in the Russian Federation for the production of adapted infant formula (breast milk substitutes).

The head of the Federation Council Committee drew attention to the fact that since 2020, the production capacities of a number of enterprises are being modernized, because of which the volume of finished products will be more than 15 thousand tons. Completion of the modernization works is scheduled for the second half of 2022. In September 2020, one of the specialized companies officially announced a plan to build a factory for the production of milk basis for infant formula in Vologda region. The project is scheduled to be completed in December 2022. When reaching the design capacity, the volume of output of finished products will be about 20 thousand tons per year.

‘The implementation of these projects will significantly solve the problem of self-sufficiency of the country with specialized products for feeding young children,’ believes Alexey Mayorov.

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