LLC National enterprise Iskra in Sverdlovsk region increased the herd by 550 cows in 2021 - Alexander Popkov

Источник: The DairyNews
Speaking about the results of the outgoing year, Alexander Popkov, Executive director of LLC National enterprise Iskra, Sverdlovsk region, told The DairyNews that this year the breeding farm bought another farm and 550 Holstein cows for it, writes The DairyNews.

‘We have four farms, including a new one, there are 1,150 Holstein animals in a milking herd,’ he specified. ‘Each forage-fed animal gives 10980 liters of milk per year. The total volume of milk produced per year is 11 thousand tons.

According to the head, the breeding farm is engaged in milk production and grows animal feed on its own cultivated lands. Raw milk is delivered to enterprises of Sverdlovsk region. As the executive director emphasized, the selling price of milk has changed insignificantly.

‘I don't want to give a figure,’ he said. ‘Everyone has different counting systems, some count including VAT, the others without VAT, some count physical weight, the others – test weight. In Sverdlovsk region, the base price is counted excluding VAT. We have not even heard about 34 rubles per liter of milk. We communicate with other regions, there are no such prices. There is no big rise in price, one ruble, two rubles maximum.

When asked about plans for next year, the head replied that there are no plans to expand the farm in 2022.

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