LLC Khladokombinat No. 3 will increase product prices by 20%

LLC Khladokombinat No. 3 (the main producer of ice cream in Sverdlovsk region) will raise prices for its products by 20% on February 14. At the enterprise Kommersant-Ural, the decision was explained by an increase in the cost of production. In particular, the cost of raw milk has increased significantly in the region over the past year.

‘Energy, packaging, raw materials are also becoming more expensive. We have multimillion-dollar costs associated with labeling (introduced in June 2021 to track the “life cycle” of dairy products.- the "Kommersant-Ural"). We have 130 items of products that need to be labeled. It is necessary to spend money on equipment, special paint. In addition, there is a certain percentage of defects,’ noted at the Khladokombinat.

The cost of dairy production in 2021 in Sverdlovsk region increased by an average of 25%, while enterprises raised prices for goods by no more than 10%. For the profitability of the business, market participants will be forced to gradually raise prices in 2022.

В России резко сократилось количество импортных ветпрепаратов. Часть хозяйств используют запасы, другие переходят на отечественные аналоги. Российские производители наращивают производство и выводят на рынок новые препараты. Участники отрасли поделились с The DairyNews мнениями о текущей ситуации с ветпрепаратами и перспективах импортозамещения в этом сегменте.
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