LLC Elansky cheese factory will invest 1 billion rubles in the expansion of production

Источник: The DairyNews
The leading producer of dairy products in Volgograd region, LLC Elansky cheese factory, intends to invest 1 billion rubles in expanding production as part of a comprehensive modernization of production, reported in the press service of the regional government to The DairyNews.

Thanks to the construction of an additional workshop for the production of demineralized whey powder, the installation of equipment for a drying plant, a vacuum evaporation plant, a pasteurization and ultrafiltration system for whey and other innovations, the production capacity will increase milk processing from 500 tons to 670 tons per day. This will generally have a positive impact on the state of the livestock and processing industries in the region, and will strengthen the export potential.

Earlier, in a comment on the results of 2021, Andrey Dakhnovich, development director of the Group of Companies Foodland, which includes the Volgograd enterprise, said that the holding was gradually increasing the production and distribution of cheeses, maintaining and even slightly increasing its share in the Russian market. It is planned that the Elansky plant will be able to process at least 850 tons of milk per day in 2022. 

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