Labeling of dairy products will start working in Russia since January 20

The transition period for the introduction of mandatory labeling of dairy products is planned to be extended until May 1, 2020, while the labeling system itself will be launched in January and will be voluntary. State Secretary-Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Yevtukhov reported this to TASS.

‘According to the developed draft rules for labeling dairy products, requirements for mandatory labeling will be introduced in stages for different types of dairy products and types of economic entities, starting since January 20, 2021 on a voluntary basis. Mandatory requirements will begin to be introduced on May 1, 2021, and in two years, on May 1, 2023, we will approach full instance traceability,’ he said.

At the same time, Yevtukhov stressed that the postponement of labeling dates is not discussed, and the proposed step-by-step approach was discussed with the industry and trade unions. ‘The phased introduction is a step towards the market. The experiment is now actively underway,’ added the Deputy Minister.

According to him, restrictive measures due to the coronavirus have made their own adjustments, and a number of participants in the turnover need more time. A free issue of codes since January should serve an additional incentive for companies - this way, it will be possible to improve processes before the start of mandatory labeling, which also optimizes costs in addition to the fact that companies will not have all expenses for equipment and software during the experiment, this is paid by the operator. ‘The proposed changes should also make it easier for foreign manufacturers, although some of them, for example, from Belarus, are prepared in accordance with schedules, their readiness status is sometimes even higher than that of Russian companies,’ Yevtukhov concluded.

According to the draft roadmap, which is available to TASS, since May 1, 2021 it is planned to introduce mandatory labeling of ice cream, butter, and cheese; since July 1, 2021 – non-condensed milk and cream with a shelf life longer than 28 days, buttermilk, curdled milk and cream, yogurt and kefir, whey, cottage cheese, sour cream; since October 1, 2021 – non-condensed milk and cream with a shelf life of 28 days or less, non-condensed milk and cream or with sugar, non-alcoholic beverages containing milk fat. Since November 1, 2021, farmers will be required to label products when selling through their own retail and direct sales. According to the document, leftovers entered into circulation before the start date of mandatory labeling of the corresponding subgroup are not labelled and sold until the expiration date. Products with a single package weight of up to 30 grams gross, food for children under 3 years, special and preventive nutrition are not labelled.

According to the representative of the Center for the advanced technology development (CATD), which acts as the operator of labeling, so far this is only a proposal. ‘The idea was put forward for a painless entry of companies into the project, providing the participants of the circulation with additional time to prepare. At the same time, service providers-printing houses - are already involved in the project. Printing codes on outsourcing makes it possible not to install equipment on production sites and optimize material and labor costs,’ he said.

According to him, work is currently underway with about 80 printing houses, and 20 are in the active phase of equipping with necessary equipment. A number of printing houses have already announced the possibility to accept orders for industrial batches. ‘The introduction of free codes until May is an encouragement for those who prepare in advance. The possible costs of the entire industry for the introduction of labeling are estimated at about 4 billion rubles,’ summed up in the CATD.

Earlier it was reported that according to the decree of the government of the Russian Federation, the experiment on labeling of finished dairy products is carried out from July 15, 2019 to December 31, 2020. Since January 20, 2021, mandatory labeling for certain groups begins, and for other groups - no later than since October 1, 2021. The operator of the national labeling system "Honest sign" is Operator-CATD.

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