Krasnoyarsk region exported milk to China for the first time in 2021 - Andrey Kuleshov

Krasnoyarsk region exported locally produced milk to China for the first time last year, more than 48 tons of pasteurized milk were sent there during the year, said Head of the regional Rosselkhoznadzor Administration Andrey Kuleshov.

‘Last year Krasnoyarsk milk was exported to China for the first time. Also, more than 900 tons of fruit and vegetable products were exported to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Germany. Krasnoyarsk honey is in demand in Japan - 5.6 tons were exported to the country in 2021,’ Kuleshov said at a press conference at the Interfax press center in Krasnoyarsk on Thursday.

The head of the department noted that the region traditionally also exports grain and timber products. Last year, wood was exported from the region to 55 countries around the world. China has again become the main importer. This country accounts for 84% of the total volume of forest products exported from the region.

‘In general, during the shipment of timber products for export, more than 6 million cubic meters of round timber and sawn timber were controlled. The volume of sawn timber amounted to more than 5 million cubic meters - this is 82% of the total volume of exported timber products. The volume of exported round timber amounted to 831 thousand cubic meters,’ Kuleshov said.

The head of the regional Rosselkhoznadzor Administration added that thanks to the amendments to the Federal Law "On the Safe Handling of Pesticides and Agrochemicals", which entered into force in June 2021, the agency is now empowered to verify compliance with the requirements for the use of these substances.

‘Violations of the use of pesticides and agrochemicals by agricultural producers were revealed in Bogotol, Sukhobuzimskoe and Yemelyanovo districts of the region on an area of more than 5 thousand hectares. In particular, the agency conducted an inspection together with the prosecutor's office on the fact of the mass death of bees in the Bogotol district last summer,’ Kuleshov said.

Deputy Head of the department Yevgeny Glukhov, in turn, said that with the help of the Mercury information system, more than 2 thousand violations were revealed in the region in 2021, the department's specialists identified and blocked the activities of 155 phantom sites. The system also made it possible to identify 399 facts of illegal entry into circulation of products, nine materials on these facts were sent to law enforcement agencies.

During the press conference, representatives of the department noted that over the past year, the regional Rosselkhoznadzor received 314 appeals from residents of the region, more than 200 of them related to issues of non-compliance with the requirements of legislation in the field of veterinary supervision.

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