Kortkeros dairy plant asks to be declared bankrupt

Источник: komiinform.ru
The Komi Arbitration Court received an application from Kortkeros dairy plant, which asks to be declared bankrupt. As stated in the case file, the debt to creditors is 19,547,716 rubles. Of these, 11.6 million is a debt to LLC Severnaya Niva.

The case file received a letter from the Association "Siberian Guild of Anti-Crisis Managers" with information about the compliance of the candidacy of the arbitration manager Andrey Lyubartsev.

According to the calculation of LLC Kortkeros dairy plant, the total amount of wage arrears to employees as of November 28, 2021 amounted to 2,535,753 rubles.

According to the debtor, the cost of fixed assets of LLC Kortkeros dairy plant is 29,774,294 rubles 29 kopecks, the residual value of which is 14,162,470 rubles 66 kopecks.

Bailiffs arrested five pieces of property, an estimate was made in the amount of 3,950,000 rubles.

According to the debtor, the material assets of LLC Kortkeros dairy plant will be enough to pay off wage arrears and finance bankruptcy proceedings.

The Komi Arbitration Court found the application of LLC Severnaya Niva justified, decided to introduce the procedure used in the bankruptcy case against the debtor, supervision for a period of five months, obligations in the total amount of 435,360 rubles, including debt of 418,892 rubles, 16,468 rubles of interest for the use of other people's funds, are subject to inclusion in the third turn of the register of creditors' claims of the debtor. 

The trial will begin on April 22 at 10 o'clock.

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