Kazakhstan intends to achieve self-sufficiency in dairy products by 2023

Источник: interfax.kz
Kazakhstan plans to achieve self-sufficiency in such groups of food products as poultry meat, dairy products and a number of others by 2023.

‘To solve the problem of saturating the domestic market with foodstuffs, the ministry has identified positions for which it is necessary to reduce imports. These are poultry meat, sausages, cheeses and cottage cheese, apples, sugar and fish.(…) The ongoing work will allow to solve the issues of import dependence and ensure the country's food independence by the end of 2023,’ said Minister of Agriculture Saparkhan Omarov at a government meeting on Tuesday.

In particular, according to him, the volume of domestic production of poultry meat covers only 58% of the needs of the domestic market.

‘In the next three years, it is planned to launch 11 poultry farms with a total capacity of 191 thousand tons. The introduction of these projects within three years will cover the need for poultry meat in full,’ he said.

In 2020, 8 poultry farms with a capacity of 94 thousand tons were commissioned in Kazakhstan. According to the Minister, the Kazakh market is provided with sausage products of national production by 62%. Full saturation will be provided due to the introduction of 6 meat processing plants with a capacity of 77.8 thousand tons. The total volume of imports of dairy products to Kazakhstan in terms of raw milk, according to Omarov, is about 500 thousand tons.

‘The issue of saturation is planned to be solved by commissioning and expanding the capacity of industrial dairy farms and additional loading of domestic dairy plants. Therefore, it is planned to introduce 35 industrial dairy farms annually. At the same time, 48 farms were commissioned last year, of which 17 are industrial, with a total capacity of 98 thousand tons of milk,’ he said.

The shortage of sugar produced in Kazakhstan in the domestic market is 240 thousand tons, or more than 50% of the demand.

‘The saturation of the domestic market is expected due to the modernization of the sugar factory in Alma-Ata region, as well as the construction of a new sugar factory in Zhambyl region with a capacity of 150 thousand tons of sugar. Due to the additional production of 175 thousand tons of sugar, it is planned to solve the problem of sugar shortage and reach 80% security,’ he said.

The volume of annual consumption of apples in Kazakhstan currently amounts to 344.3 thousand tons, including imports of 144 thousand tons.

‘The saturation of the domestic market is expected due to the laying of new intensive gardens on an area of 6.6 thousand hectares. The laying of new gardens is proposed to be concentrated in the main horticultural regions: Alma-Ata, Zhambyl and Turkestan regions and Chimkent,’ Omarov said.

Therefore, the annual laying of gardens with an average area of 2 thousand hectares will cover the deficit in apples and in 2024 reach full self-sufficiency. The availability of fish products, according to the Minister, is 60.8%. To saturate the domestic market, 8 projects with a production capacity of 13.5 thousand tons of fish per year will be introduced. This will bring the security to 100%. Thus, according to the Minister, by 2023, the supply of poultry meat, sausage products, cheese and cottage cheese, apples and fish will be 100%, sugar - 80%.

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