Karelian state farm Tolvuysky will increase milk production by 15% - Ministry of Agriculture

Источник: The DairyNews
JSC State Farm Tolvuysky has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Republic of Karelia on the implementation of measures of the State Program for the Development of agro-industrial and fisheries complexes for 2022, reported in the press service of the department to The DairyNews.

The company plans to increase milk production by 15% compared to 2021 due to the increase in productivity of cows.

The area of spring sowing will be increased by 3%, special attention is planned to be paid to the cultivation of new promising grass mixtures based on ryegrass, goat’s-rue (Galega) and triticale. The application of mineral fertilizers will be doubled compared to last year. Works in the field of land reclamation are planned: land clearing will be held on an area of more than 100 hectares. The re-equipment of the machine and tractor fleet will continue, in 2022 it is planned to purchase 4 units of new machinery and equipment.

Минфин внес в правительство РФ законопроект о введении прогрессивной шкалы НДФЛ. The DairyNews спросил у представителей отрасли и аналитиков, как введение новой системы НДФЛ может отразиться на работе бизнеса молочных предприятий. Эксперты считают, что значительных изменений для молочников ждать не стоит. При этом динамика роста зарплат в стране может снизиться, отмечают аналитики.
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