It is necessary to protect the profitability of the Russian dairy market - Evgeny Grebnev

Источник: The DairyNews
During the presentation of the rating "The largest producers of cheese", Director of Moscow factory of processed cheeses Karat Yevgeny Grebnev said that the consumption of cheese in Russia will be affected by changes in the income of the population of citizens of the Russian Federation and competition with Belarusian producers, writes The DairyNews.

The expert believes that the regulation of this issue should take place not only on the part of Belarus, but also on the part of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.

‘Important factors for increasing consumption are the level of income of the population and not too transparent competition with Belarusians. If our country does not respond to spikes in the cost of feed and other things, then we need to think about how to protect our market. It is necessary to protect its profitability,’ Yevgeny Grebnev said.

The expert paid special attention to the issue of labeling, noting that it will affect the economy of enterprises.

‘Labeling will have a negative impact on everyone. Most of all, we are concerned about how small and medium-sized producers will survive this. Everyone should work, but now because of the labeling, this right is partially taken away,’ the expert concluded. 

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