Investments of JSC Milcom in labeling equipment will amount to about 360 million rubles – Andrey Shutov

Источник: The DairyNews
During the visit of Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Oksana Lut to the Production enterprise Kezsky cheese factory, the managing shareholder of KOMOS GROUP Andrey Shutov said that investments in labeling equipment at 6 milk processing sites of JSC Milcom will amount to about 360 million rubles, writes The DairyNews with reference to a company source.

According to the expert, an additional 350 million rubles will be required to solve the operating costs associated with labeling products.

Earlier, Oksana Lut visited Kezsky cheese factory of LLC KOMOS GROUP, located in the Republic of Udmurtia, in order to assess the readiness of the company to introduce mandatory digital labeling of dairy products. There, representatives of the ministry were able to get acquainted with the technological features of labeling the cheese brand "Selo Zelenoe" and see how the Data Matrix code is applied to the packaging.

‘For the first time I see a line that uses not a typographic method of labeling, but the one that is already built into the line itself,’ said Oksana Lut.

Andrey Shutov said that initially the company planned to cooperate with printing houses, but the representatives of KOMOS GROUP had to abandon this, because, according to Andrey Shutov, at the moment no printing house has 100% technical readiness for labeling.

This creates significant risks for us as producers, as we are tightly bound to the project implementation deadlines. In addition, the involvement of intermediaries will inevitably affect the price of packaging, which will affect the final cost of the product. Therefore, we decided to reduce the risks and install equipment for labeling directly on the line,’ added Andrey Shutov.

The expert reminded that at the moment, a pilot project on digital labeling at the production enterprise Perm cold storage plant Sozvezdie is also being implemented. According to the managing shareholder of KOMOS GROUP, the necessary equipment will be installed at the enterprise by May 15, after which work will begin on launching and establishing the process.

‘By June 1, the production will be fully ready for shipment of products to retail chains of the country. In general, by the end of the year, labeling together with the company Meridian will be implemented on 79 lines of all 6 dairy sites of JSC MILCOM,’ concluded Andrey Shutov.

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