Investments into the first stage of modernization of "EkoNiva" in Voronezh region amounted to 758 million rubles

Источник: The DairyNews
The Department of Agrarian Policy of Voronezh region said that in 2020, the first stage of modernization of the EkoNiva plant, located in Anna district, was completed, writes The DairyNews.

According to the Department, the total investment into the project amounted to 758 million rubles.

The Department reported that during the modernization period, the production capacity for milk processing increased from 200 to 270 tons per day. A cottage cheese line with a capacity of 10 tons was also launched. Its assortment will consist of cottage cheese with a fat content of 0%, 5% and 9%, packed in a three-seam bag, a transparent container and a flow-pack package.

‘In the process of modernization, the shelf life of products was increased due to the use of modern packaging technology, which is a competitive advantage in working with network retail. Also, a section of cooling, concentration and drying of whey was organized, and major repairs of production facilities and internal engineering networks were carried out,’ reported in the Department.

Earlier, we wrote that in 2020, Voronezh region completed the implementation of 4 large agro-projects.

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