Investments in the construction of the Mordovian dairy plant "Khoroshee Delo" will amount to 3.7 billion rubles

Источник: The DairyNews
During a working trip to Chamzinka district on December 26, Head of the Republic of Mordovia, Artem Zdunov, visited the construction site of a milk processing plant with a capacity of 400 tons per day. A new investment project worth 3.7 billion rubles is being implemented by the group of companies Khoroshee Delo, reported in the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation to The DairyNews.

The dairy plant is being built on the territory to the north of the village of Komsomolsky. The capacity of the facility provides for the production of 15 tons of cottage cheese and 10 tons of ice cream daily. The implementation of the project started this year, reaching the design capacity is planned for 2024. The new facility will provide Chamzinka district with 400 jobs.

The planned annual volume of payments of the enterprise to the consolidated budget of the Republic of Moldova when reaching maximum capacity will amount to 193 million rubles.

Sergey Siushov, chairman of the Board of directors of the Agricultural group of companies Khoroshee Delo, told the head of the region that the latest automated European technologies for the production of cottage cheese, ice cream and dairy products, including in PET packaging, will be used in the production. Currently, construction and installation works on the construction of an administrative and household building are being actively carried out at the facility; the production building is in the design stage.

Earlier we reported that Khoroshee Delo is also building a mega dairy farm. Now the holding is completing the second stage of commissioning a dairy complex for 6450 forage-fed cows.

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