Investments in the construction of sewage treatment plants at Lianozovsky Dairy plant will exceed 1 billion - Alexander Prokhorov

By 2024, the company Wimm-Bill-Dann will invest more than a billion rubles in the construction of treatment facilities at Lianozovsky dairy plant. Earlier, for this purpose, the city leased a land plot without bidding as part of the implementation of a large-scale investment project, said Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of the City of Moscow, on January 17.

The construction of sewage treatment plants in the district Vostochnoye Degunino is part of the modernization program of Moscow enterprises of Wimm-Bill-Dann (part of PepsiCo). In Moscow, the company owns two dairy plants: Tsaritsynsky and Lianozovsky. As part of the offset contract concluded with Moscow authorities, the company is modernizing these enterprises: opening new lines and updating existing capacities. The declared volume of investments in this project will amount to 2.1 billion rubles.

On January 17, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin opened new lines for the production of baby food at Tsaritsynsky dairy plant. The company has already invested 495 million rubles in the modernization of this enterprise.

At the same time, the company's second metropolitan plant, Lianozovsky dairy plant, is also being modernized. Here, within the framework of the offset contract, a new juice production line has been created and the equipment of the dairy shop has been modernized. The volume of investments in the modernization of this plant has already amounted to 840 million rubles, Alexander Prokhorov said.

‘In the next two years, as part of the construction of treatment facilities, the company will invest more than a billion rubles. Now the object is in the active stage: the construction of the building and roof is underway. It is expected that the equipment will be delivered by the summer,’ the head of the department noted.

The offset contract concluded with the company Wimm-Bill-Dann allowed us to solve an important task for Moscow – to create a local production of powdered infant formular for dairy kitchens of the city. Previously, this product was not produced in Moscow – it had to be purchased in other regions, as well as in Belarus. The offset contract with the company will allow the city to purchase the necessary products for 30.6 billion rubles within 8 years, providing baby food, juices, purees, cereals and other products for pregnant women and children.

Offset as an effective mechanism of public-private partnership solves other tasks. Within the framework of five contracts that have already been signed by Moscow, the city will also purchase medicines and in-demand medical devices. The total volume of private investments in the implementation of all offsets reaches 12.9 billion rubles, as a result of which the city will purchase products from manufacturers for a total of 72.7 billion rubles.

In the future, Moscow plans to scale the offset practice to other areas, providing itself with equipment for housing and communal services and with IT equipment.

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