International Seminar "IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009". Day 2

Sochi hosts an international seminar "IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009" dedicated to quality and standardization in dairy sector. Representatives of 26 countries participate in this event. The agenda of the second day comprised both working and cultural activities. Here is a news report from our DairyNews special correspondent.

Sochi hosts an international seminar "IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009" dedicated to quality and standardization in dairy sector. Representatives of 26 countries participate in this event. The agenda of the second day comprised both working and cultural activities. Here is a news report from our DairyNews special correspondent.

IDF/ISO General Opening Session was the first on the list. The members of the committees discussed the agenda, outlined the key topics to be covered at the "IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009". A new framework of Joint Committees' work was adopted. The head of the Steering Committee outlined the reform in the structure of the committees that is partly preconditioned by intense interest to microbiology. The range of experts has been expanded and a new committee on starters was established.

International and Russian speakers participated in an international seminar "Safety and Quality of Food Products: International Standards and Russian Reality". The chairs of the seminar were an academician and a director of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Doctor of technical sciences, professor, president of the Russian Dairy Union, Vladimir Kharitonov and Ivan Evdokimov, an academician of Russian Academy of cold, Doctor of technical sciences, professor, head of Milk and applied biotechnology department of North-Caucasus State Technical University.

The first report entitled "The latest updates in technical regulation of the dairy sector of RF" was presented by Larisa Abdullaeva, the head of the Technical committee on milk and milk products, Russian Dairy Union. Mrs. Abdullaeva enlightened present day regulations in dairy sector, particularly standards to be introduced. The speaker has also informed that the modifications on milk and milk products technical regulations had been developed. They are supposed to correct some technical mistakes and controversial issues.

A technical head of Lithuanian SE "Pieno tyrimai", Laima Urbsiene, presented a report "The system of assessment of quality and composition of raw milk in Lithuania". The speaker told about the central laboratory activities, its place in the system of content and milk quality in Lithuania. "Pieno tyrimai" laboratory performs complex research of milk applying up-to-date methods and techniques. The specialists of this laboratory are regular participants of Analytical Week IDF/ISO.

Elena Yurova, a representative of All-Russia Dairy research institute, gave a presentation on "State-of-the-art high-performance methods to control the identity of milk and dairy products" covering the ways of milk products adulteration. Considering all milk components in much detail the speaker emphasized the importance of casein and serum protein ration, the amount of nonprotein nitrogen that should be equal to 0,3 %. E. Yurova also touched upon a number of technical issues related to methods of controlling milk products.

Vlad Malov, the general manager of Bently Insruments in Russia, was the next to take the floor. "Real time determination of bacteria and somatic cell count levels in in-coming milk using Bentley Instruments" enlightened the importance of express-analysis methods for milk in big tanks and dwelled upon a new Bently Analyticals equipment — BactoCount IBC/IBCm analyzator. It fully meets IDF/ISO standards and can be used as an alternative to count the total amount of bacteria and somatic cells. BactoCount analyzator identifies the hygienic quality and the amount of somatic cells in raw milk, takes 10 minutes to diagnose and eliminate the insemination and has a perfect analytical parameter of bacteria identification in raw milk (Sy,x ?0.25 Log, Sr ? 0.06 log).

The representative of Russian Consumer Inspection in Krasnodarskiy Region, Olga Tushina, briefly outlined the intermediate results of the Federal Law "Milk and milk products technical regulation" introduction in the southern region. Out of 60 dairy enterprises 40 have shifted to new regulations. The speaker pointed at numerous violations as there is lack of necessary information on production, etc. As there are no new labels 79% enterprises release the production with inserts.

In conclusion of the first session of the seminar the moderator, Mr. Kharitonov, summarized the presentations and stressed that there is a great basis for assessment of safety and quality of milk products: "There is no difficulty in identifying the characteristics with the help of the existing methods but if we do not implement these methods in production Russian dairy sector will stagnate. So we have an important task: not only to develop state-of-the-art methods but also make them reasonable for the enterprises could use them in their routine work. It is one of the main objectives for our institutes".

After a short break Rinus van Schaik, the head of ISO Milk and Milk products Committee, made a presentation "ISO — IDF cooperation : quality in cooperation — quality in standardization". He outlined the activities of the committees, the structure of the organization, the key directions of the activities. A representative of IDF, Aurelie Dubois dwelled upon the topic "The role of IDF in the quality and safety of milk and milk products worldwide."

Foss Analytical A/S trade manager Dorthe Oldrup presented a report "Contributing to food safety through routine analysis" enlightening different ways of identifying and enhancing the quality of the product. The speaker dwelled upon the history of Foss Analytical A/S and its priorities. Using Foss Analytical equipment one can analyze milk throughout the whole dairy supply chain. Dorthe Oldrup described how one can benefit from adequate milk analysis. Milkoskan FTUno was presented at IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009 exhibition. It can be used at small dairy plants and farms.

"Determination of identity of ingredients used in dairy products" was presented by Vladimir Kurchenko, the head of applied biochemistry laboratory, Belarus state University. Food additives served a perfect example to show the integrity of producers that declare the contents. The report awoke keen interest and the moderator, V. Kharitonov mentioned that the speaker managed to present such a complex topic in an interesting way.

Mrs. Ludmila Donchenko presenting "Food safety as a basis of life quality" stressed that the quality of our life is up to 50% predetermined by food quality. Being a representative of QA Center of KubSAU she spoke about education innovations in the university.

Each speaker got a diploma. In conclusion the participants were performed a concert of a childrens' dancing grouip "Fuete", Sochi folk group "Kudrina" and a talented singer Zhozefina who is an office worker at Interantional Affairs Office, NCSTU. The program was a palette of performances various in styles and national origin.

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