In the spring of 2021, 46 printing houses with a production volume of more than 19 billion units of packaging per year will be ready -Mikhail Dubin

Источник: The DairyNews
During the meeting, Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov and Minister of agriculture of Russia Nikolay Patrushev Chairman of the Board of Directors of the labelling operator - the Centre of advanced technology development - Mikhail Dubin told that the system for the introduction of mandatory digital labelling on a voluntary basis will be launched on 20 January 2021, and noted that manufacturers should not wait until June 1, 2021, and need to register actively already now, writes The DairyNews.

According to him, if manufacturers immediately join the voluntary labeling, it will help to start the process without difficulties during the implementation of mandatory labeling since June 1, 2021.

The expert noted that from the point of view of acts concerning the labeling process, printing houses are not participants in the circulation, but are called "service providers". He noted that close attention is now paid to them, because a high percentage of participants are expected to apply codes using the typographic method.

‘To print Data-Matrix codes, the printing house must install digital printing devices for applying variable information. This is specialized equipment, but the technology is not new, it is already used in different countries,’ said Mikhail Dubin.

He noted that further the printing house would need to connect to the hardware complex provided by the operator. The complex consists of two parts: software and hardware. The first part is necessary to get labeling codes from a participant and generate a report of codes validation, and the second consists of technical terms used in the printing of packaging to control quality application, and in the final stages of preparation of the package. The hardware part of the complex is used to check the quality of the printed code. Foreign printing houses can also connect to the system and work smoothly with labeling codes.

‘Validation ensures that the manufacturer of dairy products will receive packaging on which 100% of the codes are applied qualitatively. In addition, the consumer at the checkout will not experience difficulties when scanning the product,’ said the expert.

He noted that according to the developed plan for the preparation of printing houses, 46 printing houses will be ready in March-April next year, producing more than 19 billion units of packaging per year. In June, 24 more printing houses with a production volume of more than 7 billion packaging units will be ready, and a plan is being developed for another 94 printing houses with a production volume of more than 25 billion packaging units per year.

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