In Russia, the market for plant-based alternatives is under development

Источник: The DairyNews
In the new release of "Weather Forecast. Alternative" Sergey Kornakov, Head of the "Drinks and Bottling Technologies" department at GEA, gave a brief overview of the dynamics of the market for plant-based beverages.

The expert noted that in North America and Western Europe, this market has already stabilized, showing gradual development and a small increase in indicators. At the same time, it is actively developing in Eastern Europe, including Russia.

The peak of year-on-year consumption growth in the Eastern European region occurred in 2017. The development indicators here are still higher than in the market of Western countries. In addition to soy-based products, products made with coconut, almonds and oats are of interest.


A variety of raw materials helps manufacturers meet the needs of different consumer groups. For example, soy gives a high yield and contains an increased amount of protein. Rice and buckwheat do not contain gluten — they can be consumed by people who are intolerant of this protein. Oats is an affordable crop rich in B vitamins, products based on oats are often additionally enriched with vitamins and minerals.


At the same time, the expert noted, each raw material has its own processing methods, which makes it necessary to show flexibility in the design of production.

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