In March 2021, the prices of FMCG goods decreased by 0.4% - Romir

Источник: The DairyNews
According to the Research holding Romir, in March 2021, compared to February, prices for FMCG goods decreased by 0.4%, writes The DairyNews.

According to analysts, the accumulated annual rate of inflation fell below 10%: in March last year, there was a slight increase in prices, while in March this year – a drop.

‘After the active growth of prices at the beginning of the year, they are beginning to stabilize at a new level. The main contribution to this dynamics is made by the effect of a high base, a small pullback after a rapid growth is due to the general price volatility,’ said Inna Karayeva, Executive Director of Romir and Mile Group.

Photo source: the Research holding Romir

The press service of the research holding Romir added that the calculation method is based on data on real prices and real consumption of Russians obtained using the Romir Scan Panel of households.

‘More than 15 million purchases actually made by residents of Russian cities in 2008-2020 were subjected to a complex multi-factor analysis. According to the results of the analysis, the structure of consumption by Russian households was built, product groups with a high degree of penetration were identified, in each of which individual products were selected, reported in the press service.

The company noted that about 200 names in socially significant categories were selected for the study, which are constantly updated taking into account the seasonality factor.

The Research holding Romir has been specializing in marketing, media, and socio-economic research since 1987. It is a part of Mile Group.

Yesterday, the Dairy Index DIA decreased by 0.14% compared to last week and amounted to 29.47 rubles/kg. This is 7.5% higher than in April 2020. The key factor in the decline in the indicator was the reduction in prices for butter, as well as the fall in milk prices in the regions of the Russian Federation, according to the Index DIA application.

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