In January-November 2021, the physical volume of milk and cream exports increased by 23.2% - FCS

Источник: The DairyNews
In January-November 2021, the physical volume of exports of Russian milk and cream increased by 23.2%. The export of cheeses and cottage cheese increased by 18.8%, reported in the press service of the Federal Customs Service to The DairyNews.
In general, the share of food products and raw materials for their production in the commodity structure of exports in January-November 2021 amounted to 7.3% (in January-November 2020 - 8.7%). In the commodity structure of exports to non-CIS countries, the share of these goods amounted to 6.6% (in January-November 2020 - 7.9%), to CIS countries – 12.5% (13.7%).

Compared to January-November 2020, the value volumes of deliveries of these goods increased by 22.1%, and physical volumes decreased by 9.0%. The volume of supplies of fresh fish and ice cream decreased by 15.4%, sunflower oil – by 14.8%, barley – by 13.5%, wheat and meslin - by 10.8%.

At the same time, the physical volumes of exports of fresh meat and ice cream increased by 15.4%, fresh pork and ice cream – by 9.1%, poultry meat – by 0.5%.

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