In 2021, the volume of milk processing at JSC Myasnikovsky dairy plant will increase by 20-30 tons per day – Suren Obayan

Источник: The DairyNews
Suren Obayan, General Director of JSC Myasnikovsky dairy plant, said that the production volume of the new line of cottage cheese at the enterprise is 6-7 tons per day, writes The DairyNews.

Suren Obayan said that there is a demand for cottage cheese in Rostov region. He added that, according to experts, the real market capacity of cottage cheese in stabilo bag packaging, in which the product is currently sold, is approximately 5-6 tons per day. According to the expert, this is the niche that the company managed to fill immediately from the start.

‘We are also targeting other markets. We plan to supply our products to the European part of Russia and the neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine. The line is built based on a modular principle, and we can further increase our productivity without the same significant costs. But today, the production volume is about 6-7 tons of cottage cheese per day,’ said Suren Obayan.

As for the plans for the current year, the expert said the following:

‘At the moment, the volume of milk processing at our plant is 155 tons per day. In 2021, we plan to increase the volume of milk processing by approximately 20-30 tons per day due to different directions. We do not plan construction for this year.

It’s worth reminding that on January 29, a new shop for the production of cottage cheese was launched in JSC Myasnikovsky dairy plant. The volume of investments in new production equipment exceeded 110 million rubles, 35 of which were a subsidy from the regional budget. According to the regional Ministry of Agriculture, in 2017-2019, the volume of investments aimed at expanding production capacities amounted to 240 million rubles, and the volume of state support - 54 million rubles.

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