In 2021, the cost of milk will continue to grow-Alexey Gruzdev

Источник: The DairyNews
In 2021, the cost of milk will continue to grow, as producers will "push prices up". Alexey Gruzdev, managing partner of Streda Consulting, stated this in a comment to Agroinvestor, writes The DairyNews.

At the same time, according to the expert, processors will be limited in terms of increasing the price of finished products due to the low purchasing power of the population.

‘If there is not another wave of devaluation this year, prices will also increase by about 5% under the pressure of rising costs,’ said Alexey Gruzdev.

He also added that the demand for dairy products in 2021 would depend on the income of Russians.

‘If revenues show a positive trend, then demand will remain. If revenues continue to fall in real terms, then, of course, it will be difficult,’ he concluded.

Earlier, Alexey Gruzdev said that the demand for dairy products in 2020 remained almost in all categories.

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