In 2020, milk consumption in Russia per capita increased by 7-8% - Mikhail Mishchenko

Источник: The DairyNews
During the II Forum SEYMARTEC MILK, Mikhail Mishchenko, director of Dairy Intelligence Agency (DIA), said that the volume of raw milk production in Russia in 2020 amounted to 20.6 million tons, writes The DairyNews.

Imports, according to the analyst, reached 3 million tons in terms of raw milk. Export - 350 thousand tons in terms of raw milk. At the same time, the production of whole milk products by Russian enterprises amounted to 10.7 million tons.

‘In 2019, Russian tourists exported 2.3 trillion rubles from the territory of our country, which is significantly more than the amount of state support. And in 2020, our compatriots traveled to Russia and left money in the regions. According to the estimates of Dairy Intelligence Agency, due to this, milk consumption in Russia per capita increased by 7-8% in 2020,’ the expert said.

Mikhail Mishchenko noted that the consumption of cheeses in Russia also increased last year. According to him, first, this is due to an increase in demand for the domestic hotel business. Therefore, in 2020, purchases of cheeses in the HoReCa segment, which traditionally supplies this product, increased.

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