In 2020, 79% of GDT sales accounted for whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder

Источник: The DairyNews
The New Zealand commodity exchange Global Dairy Trade (GDT) has published a report containing key statistics on trading on the site for 2020, writes The DairyNews.
On average, the volume of sales declared during the auction of goods was 95%. At the same time, the total amount of transactions in 2020 was $ 2.1 billion.


The auction lasted for 2 months. The number of active participants per trading event was 178. Throughout 2020, 319 people from 70 countries participated in the auction at least once. The majority (56%) of participants were from Asia/Oceania (North Asia - 30%, Southeast Asia/Oceania - 26%). Won the auction (59% each), in the same regions: 31% and 28%, respectively.

In 2020, the average GDT price index fell by 6%, hitting a 16-month low in May. The main volume of sales (79%) accounted for whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder.

‘Many enyerprises have been affected by Covid-19 due to disruptions in global supply chains and a decline in the share of food service and consumer demand. A survey of bidders found that incomplete deliveries were the most common problem faced by suppliers and manufacturers. Most of them also observed disruptions in the supply chains. Customers are still experiencing disruptions in their production processes,’ concluded Director of GDT Eric Hansen.

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