In 10 months products in Russia have risen in price three times more than in the EU

The increase in food prices in Russia in January-October 2020 amounted to 4.1%, while in the EU food became more expensive by 1.4%, according to data published on Thursday by the Federal statistics service (Rosstat).

At the same time, in October, food prices in Russia jumped by 0.8%, and in the European Union increased by 0.3%. In Russia, in January-October, the largest increase in consumer prices was recorded for sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and sweets — 11.8% (in the EU, the increase in prices for them was 0.9%) and fruit — 10.8% (in the EU — 8.4%).

Prices for bakery products and cereals, as well as for oils and fats, increased in Russia in January-October by 6.8% (in the EU, prices for pastries and cereals increased by 0.9%, and for oils and fats — decreased by 0.6%). Fish and seafood became more expensive in Russia in 10 months by 3.5% (in the EU - by 0.9%); meat and meat products — by 2.1% (in the EU — by 1.6%), dairy products, cheeses and eggs — by 2.0% (on average in the EU — by 0.6%).

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