Gfk notes a decline in demand for dairy products in the baby food segment

Источник: The DairyNews
Gfk notes a decrease in demand for dairy products in the baby food segment. This was stated by Anastasia Jafarova, Director of customer relations at the Research Department of the Gfk Rus consumer panel, during the conference "Innovative technologies and equipment in the dairy industry", writes The DairyNews.

The expert noted that according to Gfk analysts, the key consumer trends now are "life without difficulties", "in search of confidence and security" and "request for compliance" (a product in accordance with consumer expectations).

- 65% of Russians according to Gfk noted that they began to cook at home more often, 56% began to optimize their budget and give up excess, 13% began to order food online more often, 11% began to order food from cafes and restaurants more often. Network brands and e-commerce are growing in popularity. For dairy products, the turnover increased by 9%, while demand in physical terms increased by only 2%. In general, the dairy industry is relatively easy to survive the crisis, - said Anastasia Jafarova. – Gfk also notes a decrease in the segment of baby food, a decrease in drinking milk consumption from 3 years was 34%, a decrease in milk up to 3 years - 3.8%, cottage cheese up to 3 years - 8%. At the same time, there is an increase in demand for drinking yoghurts. The decline in demand for children's dairy products, according to Gfk analysts, is due to the fact that adults have stopped buying for their own consumption. There was a growing demand for cheeses, including, for the first time in recent years, the category of hard and semi-hard cheeses.

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Мысль о том, что с Беларусью стоит обсуждать не только свободный рынок для готовых продуктов, но и вопрос свободного рынка для сырья, высказал генеральный директор «Союзмолоко»Артем Белов в ходе «Молочных сессий». Интеграция России и Беларуси началась уже давно и продолжает развиваться, некоторые эксперты считают, что эти рынки уже практически слились в один. The DairyNews собрали мнения экспертов о ситуации на молочном рынке двух стран, степени интеграции и возможных последствиях «свободного рынка» для РФ.
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