Galaktika has changed the structure of shareholders

Источник: The DairyNews
According to SPARK, the enterprise Lenoblmoloko and the Real Estate Management Center left the shareholding structure of the largest dairy plant in Leningrad region, reports The DairyNews.

In September, the owner of 6.7% of the dairy producer was LLC Real Estate Management Center (it was previously controlled by the wife of the founder of AEON, Sofia Trotsenko). The share of the founder of Galaktika, Igor Du, who now directly owns 3.8% of Galaktika, was transferred to these two legal entities. Together with LLC Evrostil, Igor Du also remains the founder of CJSC Lenoblmoloko (owns 12.2% in Galaktika). Other owners of the company at that time were Luxembourg - based Altair Holding S. A. (26.2%) and Lateo (32%). 

At the moment, 32% belongs to Lateo, which is 100% owned by the Cyprus company Nomopoly Limited, which in turn also owns the Nesvizh baby food factory in Belarus. CEO of LLC Lateo is Sergey Beskhmelnitsky, brother of Andrey Beskhmelnitsky, founder of the Latvian food holding company Food Union and former owner of Unimilk, now part of Danone.

26.24% belongs to ALTAIR HOLDING S. A., Aquamarine has 19.03% of Galactica shares, while 18.94% of shares are owned by Singapore's King Time Marine Private Limited since December 21, 2020. The founder of the company, Igor Du, still holds 3.79% of the shares.

According to SPARK, all shares of the company are pledged to Sberbank. The term of encumbrance is until 2024. It is worth reminding that in 2019, Galaktika established a credit line of 1.35 billion rubles from Sberbank to launch a new line.

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