Food cards can be introduced to stimulate the consumption of domestic products - Vladimir Gutenev

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Industry and Trade Vladimir Gutenev said that food cards can be introduced in Russia in order to stimulate the consumption of domestic products, as well as an additional measure to support low-income families.

‘Indeed, the inflationary processes launched by emission in the EU countries, in the United States, of course, force us to face the fact that inflation is quite significant within the framework of open market relations. And, despite the fact that high energy prices would allow us to significantly strengthen the ruble, this would cause very serious damage to the export potential of our industry, including high-tech,’ Gutenev's words are reported by RT.

He noted that in the coming year, the expected growth rates of consumer prices near 6-7% are likely to remain ‘including for food products.’

However, the price increase in Russia, according to the parliamentarian, will be slower than in Western countries.

‘Russia is now fully providing itself with the necessary food producs. Moreover, we quite often use quotas to regulate the export flow, since our agricultural products are very, very competitive. As for food cards, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has been talking about this for a long time as a possible measure of support... Stimulating the consumption of domestic products and supporting low-income families could quite possibly be implemented through targeted food cards,’ the deputy added.

Gutenev did not rule out the use of such a mechanism, but explained that this would not be a forced, but an additional measure.

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