First time in Russia! Interview with Torsten Hemme

Источник: The DairyNews
Torsten Hemme, Managing Director of IFCN (International Farm Comparison Network), came to Russia in order to participate in Motor Rally "Way for milk!". Torsten did not give big interviews, but correspondent of The DairyNews had a unique possibility to talk with expert in form blitz-interview.
First time in Russia! Interview with Torsten Hemme
DN: Could you tell me please, what were your expectations before you arrived in Russia?
Torsten Hemme: You know, I have never been in Russia, my expectation was to learn what realy Russia is, and I did it for 150%.
DN: But still, did you have some concrete expectations or notice some peculiarities of Russia?
Torsten Hemme: Yes, I had some expectations about the size of this country, but it is wider than I thought. I expected friendly people, but Russian people are even more friendly than I expected and the tour turned to be fascinating.
DN: Were these expectations met? I understand that you saw more friendly people, very big country, but still, may be something else?
Torsten Hemme: I had some expectation of the learning part. You know, we always try to understand how the dairy world works. If someone wants to understand real Russia, Russia's dairy industry, I would strongly recommend to participate in this tour, because it is real experience, I am feeling good now. Now I know what Russian dairy farming is and what is meat processing in Russia.
DN: May be you noticed some directions of partnership in Russia, I mean with Russian companies? May be you feel about some long term or short term partnership with Russian companies?
Torsten Hemme: As for me, learning part during this tour was the most interesting one. I studied farm-gate price in Russia. In our world the price is very very high, so it is very important for us to understand what Russia's companies and farms want. I recommend to visit our web-side and study it. The world market price for milk changes every month.  If we need a more deep knowledge about Russian dairy industry, we will contact Michael: now we are cooperating with Michael.
DN: May be you could give an advice, what our farmers, Russian farmers, should do in order to be more competitive with the European and American farmers?
Torsten Hemme: Firs of all, you can be proud of the leading dairy farms. You can be very proud of their size and management.
DN: But you know, we are not satisfied  with management on the farms, we discussed all these aspects, we noticed that it is not on the high level. They would like to be as European and American farmers - on the very high level.
Torsten Hemme: You know, the farms, which we have seen, the large farms, are very high professionally managed farms, they don’t have to fear to compete with anyone.
Especially now, when the ruble has been devaluated.  I don’t worry for these farms, but I worry... why Russia does not use more of its resources. You can use foreign practices.
DN: So, today is the last day of Motor Rally “Way for Milk”. What are you impressions?
Torsten Hemme: You look alive, first before it, I thought it is an extremely crazy idea, but now I think that it is a strongly educative tour, it is fun and I can also mention the team-building aspect among the people participating. So I came here knowing nothing about Russia, but now I have many friends in Russia.
DN: My last question to you: could you tell me what is your professional dream?
Torsten Hemme: My professional dream…   I want to support dairy countries in the world, to develop their dairy potential - this is my professional dream.
DN: Thank you very much, thank you for your time. It was great!
В России резко сократилось количество импортных ветпрепаратов. Часть хозяйств используют запасы, другие переходят на отечественные аналоги. Российские производители наращивают производство и выводят на рынок новые препараты. Участники отрасли поделились с The DairyNews мнениями о текущей ситуации с ветпрепаратами и перспективах импортозамещения в этом сегменте.
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