Farm products can be sold through OZON and Wildberries - Oksana Lut

Источник: The DairyNews
During the broadcast of the series "Hot line. Feedback", organized by the All-Russian People's Front, a farmer from Novosibirsk region who produces premium eco-products, asked if there is an opportunity to create marketplaces for this segment, writes The DairyNews.

Oleg Sirota, the owner of the Russian Parmesan cheese factory, Head of the Union of cheese makers of Russia, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, noted that small producers are already trying to sell their products, for example, through OZON company. According to the expert, it is easier for farmers to enter existing sites than to create new ones that will need to be promoted.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Oksana Lut added that it is impossible to neglect farm products and noted that buyers with different needs use the services of OZON, Wildberries and other similar sites, so it is also possible to sell expensive unique farm products there. The most difficult thing, according to Oksana Lut – is to implement logistics.

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13 ноября 2023 г. правительство РФ опубликовало проект постановления, который предлагает присвоить всем коровникам и другим животноводческим сельхозпредприятиям категории «высокого и чрезвычайно высокого риска», что предполагает более строгий контроль и увеличение количества плановых проверок. The DairyNews узнал у участников молочного рынка, как нововведение отразится на работе животноводческих ферм и в целом на отрасли, а также насколько предлагаемые меры помогут в борьбе с опасными заболеваниями животных.
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