Experts from Russia and Europe will discuss the development of goat breeding during the XII Dairy Olympics

Источник: The DairyNews
The development of goat breeding in Russia will be discussed during the session "Economic efficiency of animal husbandry" on May 25 at the XII Dairy Olympics in Novorossiysk, reports The DairyNews. The conference partners are Hunland and DeLaval.

The topics of the session will be:

- Prospects and difficulties of development of small and informal goat and sheep farmers.

- Dairy sheep farming and artisan cheese making. The possibility of raising sheep for the production of cheese.

- Sales of goat cheese and meat through the construction of its own restaurant chain.

- Goat milk as an alternative to cow milk in the production of baby food. Economic efficiency of production of goat milk powder and its use in the production of breast milk substitutes and other categories of baby food.

- The Dutch system of breeding work in goat breeding on the example of the ELDA accounting program.

- Features of treatment prevention for goats based on "signals" of goats.


The following representatives are invited to participate in the discussion: Philip Stechkin, Berendeev Lug (Yaroslavl region), Olga Gavrilova, Individual entrepreneur, peasant farm holding (Yaroslavl region), Maria Koval, peasant farm holding (Yaroslavl region), Elena Simonenko, Head of the Department of forecasting of technological research and innovative development of the Research Institute of Baby Food, Gert van der Heiden, Managing Director of the consulting company "Pharm Solutions" (the Netherlands), chief veterinarian of the group of companies Hunland, Niko Vriiburg, consultant of Vetvice Group on the design and management of dairy farms, Simeon Krivulya, Manager of the categories "Robotic milking systems" and "Equipment for sheep and goats" of DeLaval.


The full program of the event, which will be held from 23 to 27 May in Novorossiysk, can be viewed at the website

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