Elena Yurova: the consumer wants to be confident in the composition of the product

Источник: The DairyNews
On February 17-18, The DairyNews together with the Research and testing center Cherkizovo will hold a School of Falsification aimed at identifying falsifications of dairy products. One of the experts of the event, Elena Yurova, head of the laboratory of technical and chemical control at the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Dairy Industry, notes an important trend in the consumer's desire to know the real composition of the product.

In 2003, the MOLOKO testing laboratory was established based on the laboratory of technical and chemical control, which is accredited as a technically competent and independent testing laboratory. Today, its experts monitor products by a variety of indicators and have considerable experience in working with the dairy industry.

‘The most dangerous moment for the consumer is when there is no clarity in the composition of the product,’ notes Elena Anatolyevna. - It is also not safe to falsify with beef fat, the source of which may contain medicinal substances dangerous for humans. The danger zone in this matter is very high for the consumer and the task of the manufacturer is to provide the cleanest and most understandable composition, in which every buyer can be sure.’

Experts of the School of Falsification will also be:

- Sergey Shapovalov, Director of the Research and testing center Cherkizovo, Doctor of Biological Sciences

- Elena Melnikova, Head of the Department of Technological Control and Development, JSC Molvest, Doctor of Technical Sciences

- Tatiana Dushkina, Director of the industrial areas of the company Biomerje.

- Marina Dolgaya, an expert in the field of analytical methods for the analysis of milk.

As part of the training, each participant will take a course on methods for detecting falsification in milk, dairy products, receive a ready-made laboratory analysis of one sample of a dairy product, and a certificate based on the results of the training.

You can register for the event here.

For participation and sponsorship questions, please contact:

+7 495 660 83 57 (Advertising Department)


13 ноября 2023 г. правительство РФ опубликовало проект постановления, который предлагает присвоить всем коровникам и другим животноводческим сельхозпредприятиям категории «высокого и чрезвычайно высокого риска», что предполагает более строгий контроль и увеличение количества плановых проверок. The DairyNews узнал у участников молочного рынка, как нововведение отразится на работе животноводческих ферм и в целом на отрасли, а также насколько предлагаемые меры помогут в борьбе с опасными заболеваниями животных.
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