EkoNiva: The period for preparing for labeling is very tight

Источник: The DairyNews
The company EkoNiva believes that it is too early to estimate the amount of costs for labeling, writes The DairyNews.

As for the method of applying the codes, both the typographic and direct method will be used on different lines of the company. Labeling with stickers is planned to be used on some lines.

The company noted that the main problems of labeling include the unpreparedness of some large printing houses, which is why the company technically has to think about the need for direct application, including on high-speed lines.

‘We hope that the existing sites will be fully ready for labeling by May 15 in the categories of cheese and ice cream. Of course, the preparation time is very short,’ concluded in EkoNiva.

We remind, earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture noted the unpreparedness of printing houses to introduce labeling of dairy products.

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