EkoNiva: Sales of milk, cottage cheese and butter grow during Easter

Источник: The DairyNews
Denis Ishmaev, Sales Director of LLC EkoNiva-Food Products, said that during the May holidays, there is a slight drop in sales of snack food categories in urban retail outlets every year, writes The DairyNews. Other participants of the dairy market previously reported this. At the same time, traditionally, dairy producers record an increase in demand for products that are relevant on the eve of Easter.

‘During the May holidays, every year we see a slight drop in sales in urban retail outlets, as demand moves to retail outlets on the outskirts the and outside the city. But no changes are expected globally,’ Denis Ishmaev stressed.

The expert noted that purchases of ultra-pasteurized milk and cream are becoming relevant for the May holidays. These products are convenient to take "in reserve" and on trips to nature. In addition, there is a period of promotions for UHT products in retail.

‘During the Orthodox Easter period, sales of milk, cottage cheese and butter — the necessary ingredients for making homemade cakes and cottage cheese paskha - will increase. Probably, the demand for the category of yogurt and dessert group will slightly drop, since the traditional "snack" in the office will lose its relevance during the long weekend, believes’ the representative of EkoNiva-Food.

Denis Ishmaev reminded how the purchase channels have changed over the past year: during the pandemic, closed shopping centers and hypermarkets reoriented customers to the format of a store at home. In addition, the fear of contacts with COVID-19-infected people has dramatically increased the popularity of e-commerce – the market has moved to a new level of e-commerce.

‘In general, consumption remains stable: we should not expect a sharp drop or increase in any category. At the same time, these are just forecasts and they do not tend to come true 100%,’ summed up Denis Ishmaev.

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