EkoNiva-Food Products has started delivering the first batches of milk for Aeroflot flights

Источник: The DairyNews
EkoNiva-Food Products has started delivering the first batches of milk for Aeroflot flights to Sheremetyevo, as well as to coffee shops at Voronezh airport, reported in the press service of the company to The DairyNews.

The largest Russian company for the production of food for passengers JSC Aeromar, helps ensure Aeroflot aircrafts with EkoNiva milk. Thus, drinks based on EkoNiva ultra-pasteurized milk of 3.2% will be available on board the planes that fly from Moscow and back, as well as on the planes that are on the way 2 hours and more. The volume of milk supplies for Aeroflot flights to Sheremetyevo under the contract is 500 thousand liters. This amount will last for about 1 year.

‘My friends have already sent photos: our milk is on a cart, which the flight attendants carry around the cabin, and the passengers are willing to drink it with coffee. It is a joy to receive such news! This means that the product is paid attention to during flights. And it is pleasant to think that as soon as the borders are opened, there will be even more flights with the presence of our milk. Today we are focused on long-term cooperation based on trust and choice in favor of products with stable quality, which we are always ready to guarantee to our partners and customers, - said Dmitry Raev, Director of sales of dairy products in the professional field.

Cooperation with the civil aviation industry is a big step forward, because the level of supplier selection in this area is quite high. For us, this partnership is an opportunity to introduce EkoNiva products to new consumers and, of course, to expand the geography of distribution.

In the coffee shops Mon Baton and Buntaro, which are located at Voronezh airport named after Peter I, you can also meet the products of "EkoNiva Professional Line". Drinks from the menu are prepared on the basis of ultra-pasteurized milk of 2.5 % and 3.2 %.

Earlier, we reported that on February 2, the daily milk yield on EkoNiva farms exceeded 3,000 tons.

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