During the week, cheeses and pasteurized milk rose in price by 0.2% - Rosstat

Источник: The DairyNews
During the week, cheeses and pasteurized milk rose in price by 0.2%. The cost of UHT milk, sour cream and cottage cheese increased by 0.1%, the cost of butter and infant formula did not change, reported in the press service of Rosstat to The DairyNews.

In general, from April 20 to 26, 2021, the consumer price index, according to Rosstat, was 100.2%, since the beginning of April - 100.6%, since the beginning of the year – 102.7%.

Also during the reporting period, prices increased for: pork – by 0.9%, sausages – by 0.7%, lamb and buckwheat groats – by 0.6%, cooked sausage – by 0.5%, canned meat for baby food and margarine – by 0.4%, beef, canned meat, frozen fish, canned fruit and berry for baby food, candies - by 0.3%, semi – smoked and cooked smoked sausage, bread, millet and chocolates – by 0.2%, black tea, wheat flour, rice, pasta, canned vegetables for baby food, salt, cookies, lunches in canteens, cafes, snack bars (except canteens in organizations) – by 0.1%.

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