Dinmukhamed Aisautov: Dairy enterprises of Kazakhstan stopped processing, but the situation is stabilizing

Источник: The DairyNews
Dinmukhamed Aisautov, Director of Corporate Relations at LLP Danone Berkut, representative of the Dairy Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the southern region, told The DairyNews that during the riots and protests in the republic, many enterprises were forced to stop receiving and processing milk, shipments to retail chains were lost. Nevertheless, the situation has been brought under control, which allows us to count on its final resolution in the near future.

‘The situation was very difficult, especially in several cities, such as Almaty, Shymkent and others, but now the situation has stabilized. The army and police are monitoring the situation. The Collective Security Treaty Organization forces provide cover for strategically important facilities. The country is slowly coming back to life, shops are opening and the Internet is partially working,’ said Dinmukhamed Aisautov.

According to the expert, the situation has also affected the dairy industry of Kazakhstan. Many enterprises have stopped receiving and processing of milk. Shipments to stores and retail chains have stopped, exports have stopped. However, now all these problems are being resolved.

‘Such events usually do not last long, so there is hope that we will fully return to normal life by the end of January. I do not foresee any problems in May, at least in connection with the current crisis. I believe the situation will return to normal long before May. So the Olympiad has every chance to take place!’ the representative of Danone emphasized.

The support of the industry in the current conditions, he added, is necessary, but it must come from within, from the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in terms of restoring the operation of the Internet and state accounting systems:

- It is necessary that customs, fiscal systems, verification of veterinary certificates, etc. work, and attempts are already being made to resume work on the part of state agencies in manual mode.

Dinmukhamed Aisautov suggested that difficulties with payments and the operation of banking systems would affect the work of the entire business of the country, not only the dairy industry. Nevertheless, the expert said that the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been appointed as the responsible body for the speedy restoration of payment systems, private payments are already working. Citizens of Kazakhstan can already pay and transfer money online, which is very important, taking into account the acute cash crisis in the country.

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