Demand for milk-containing products is growing due to an increase in the exchange rate-Anna Boyko

Источник: The DairyNews
Anna Boyko, Deputy General Director of JSC Ruzskoe Moloko for communications, said that the company has seen both an increase and a drop in demand for certain categories of products, writes The DairyNews.

According to her, there is a slight decline in demand for milk of the company Ruzskoe Moloko, while the demand for cottage cheese, kefir and other traditional fermented dairy products remains stable.

‘We are currently reviewing our contracts and sales work, in general, so we expect only good growth fr om 2021. In Moscow, where we sell dairy products, people bought, buy and will buy them. We plan to grow around 10% while maintaining the structure of both the market and our portfolio,’ the expert said.

As for milk-containing products, according to Anna Boyko, this category is more in demand in those regions where there are low wages and a low standard of living, so products without milk fat substitutes for residents of such settlements are very expensive.

‘In Moscow region, as well as in St. Petersburg, milk-containing products are still less popular than natural dairy products. Therefore, if the consumption of milk-containing products is growing, it is unevenly across Russia. And the reasons are simple: prices increase due to the dollar exchange rate in the country, but wages do not,’ said Anna Boyko.

She believes that the mobility of demand for products containing milk fat does not threaten producers of conventional dairy products. According to the expert, they are still needed in Moscow.

‘This is confirmed by the consistently high demand for products of our company, which is formed by our customers - adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Consumers will exchange ordinary dairy products for milk-containing ones only in those regions where the average salary is 10-15 thousand rubles, and wh ere residents cannot afford natural dairy products. However, in regions with a developed "middle class" it is hardly possible. After all, the benefits of natural dairy products for health and taste are obvious,’ said Anna Boyko.

She believes that to increase interest in conventional dairy products, manufacturers should place more emphasis on the importance of their use and point out that natural dairy products benefit the body, strengthen the immune system and help children grow strong and healthy.

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