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Dairy market withstood the attack of coronavirus

Источник: The DairyNews
Despite the difficult situation in 2020, the volume of milk production in the world this year amounted to 903 million tons, while in 2019 – 881 million tons, reports The DairyNews.

The growth of milk consumption amounted to 1.4 million tons. According to experts, this indicates a relatively stable result.

General Director of the Analytical Agency GIRA, Christophe Lafougere, believes that milk belongs to essential products. Therefore, even if there is a problem, milk is bought even more. In 2021, he expects an increase in consumption of this popular product by 8.6 million tons. Although it does not exclude a decrease in purchasing power in some countries.

A good increase in sales, according to the expert, was shown by the category of yoghurts, which are associated in the population with a product that increases immunity. However, due to the closure of catering outlets, the consumption of butter has decreased. In the US, for example, over 60% of this product is purchased by cafes and restaurants.

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