Construction of the 1st stage of a dairy plant worth 1.9 billion rubles is being completed in Moscow region

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In Ozeretskoye village in Dmitrov city district of Moscow region, the construction of a new complex for the production of cheese and whole milk products is being completed. This was announced by the acting Minister of agriculture and food of Moscow region Sergey Voskresensky, writes The DairyNews with reference to the press service of the regional Ministry of agriculture.

‘The construction of a new building for the production of whole milk products and cheese in Dmitrov city district is being completed, the facility is about 95% ready. Currently, construction finishing is underway inside the complex and engineering communications are being laid. The work is planned to be completed in early January 2021,’ said Sergey Voskresensky.

This is the 1st stage of a major investment project that is being implemented as part of the expansion of Ozeretsky dairy plant. The total area of the planned complex for the production of cheese and whole milk products will be more than 18 thousand m2.

‘The delivery of technological equipment to the facility was carried out in the summer of this year, and installation is currently underway. All automated equipment for the complex was purchased taking into account the use of innovative technologies in production, including closed-flow robotic equipment. We are waiting for its commissioning. The total volume of milk processing per day at the new production facility will be more than 300 tons,’ said Sergey Voskresensky.

The first stage of the complex will consist of 4 lines for the production of soft cheeses - cottage cheese, feta, mozzarella and Suluguni cheeses. The planned capacity of each line will be 5 tons of finished products per day with the possibility of increasing to 15 tons per day.

‘The volume of investment in the project is about 1.9 billion rubles. The complex is scheduled to be commissioned in March 2021. The production capacity will be more than 75 tons of finished products per day. After the start of production, more than 200 people will get new jobs,’ said Sergey Voskresensky.

He also added that as a result of the launch of this project, the company expects to double the range of products and enter new categories of the dairy market.

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