Charlie Cappetti: Danone has reduced the amount of added sugar in products to 10%

Источник: The DairyNews
CEO of Danone in Russia spoke about the key trends that affect demand, and the eating habits of modern consumers. Current market trends and related changes in the assortment policy of companies were discussed during the RBC online conference "Trend for Responsibility. The role of business in the formation of healthy lifestyle", writes The DairyNews.

‘People are increasingly interested in what they eat, where and how it is produced. This imposes a serious responsibility on us,’ said Charlie Cappetti, Senior Vice President of the Division for fresh dairy and plant-based products in the CIS, Turkey and Iran.

As a result of changing consumer preferences, the company has significantly expanded its range of dairy products without additives. Separately, we are working on formulas that can reduce the amount of sugar: it is replaced by natural sweeteners (for example, honey). ‘We have already reduced the amount of added sugar in products by 10%, and we continue to work in this direction,’ the expert concluded.

As a result, it has become easier for consumers who care about their health or monitor the number of calories consumed to fit the company's products into their diet: 95% of Danone products, according to Charlie Cappetti, are recommended for daily consumption.

In the case of diets, according to Danone, flexitarianism is rapidly gaining momentum. The expert noted that this is due to the growing demand for plant-based alternatives and is the result of the fact that consumers began to think not only about the impact of products on the body, but also about how their diet affects the planet.

To support this trend, Danone carries out educational activities in schools, telling about healthy consumption. Another educational program is implemented jointly with the Magnit retail chain, based on Rastishka brand.

Summing up, Charlie Cappetti spoke about the company's plans to maximize the use of research potential and scientific developments, so that the products produced by Danone meet the needs of modern customers.

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