Breeding plant Prinevskoe will start production of cheeses

Источник: The DairyNews
CJSC Breeding plant Prinevskoe has completed the modernization worth 220 million rubles, which will allow the company to process all the milk it produces and start the production of new products - hard and semi-hard cheeses, writes the special correspondent of The DairyNews.

According to the general director of Prinevskoe Mukhazhir Etuev, the reconstruction of its own dairy plant lasted two years. During this time, the production area was increased and equipment for the production of new products was installed. Now the capacity of the plant, located in Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region, will increase from 16 to 28-35 tons of raw milk per day.

In fact, now Prinevskoe can process all the milk produced on the farm (28 tons per day), even taking into account the company's plans to increase milk production.

Until recently, the company produced milk, kefir, cream, sour cream, yoghurts, cottage cheese and soft cheeses. Thanks to the modernization, Prinevskoe plans to expand the range, primarily through the production of new types of cheeses – hard and semi-hard.

According to Mukhazhir Etuev, the increase in production volumes and assortment will allow Prinevskoe to increase sales in federal retail chains. Previously, the company cooperated with small regional retailers, but recently began supplies to Magnit chain.

Market participants consider the modernization of Prinevskoe to be justified.

According to Georgy Zhitmarev, commercial director of Piskarevsky Dairy Plant, increasing own processing of raw milk and selling products with higher added value will allow Prinevskoe to increase the profitability of the business.

‘As for entering new retail chains, Prinevskoe already has experience working with retailers, so the company has all the ingredients for success. In addition, federal retail chains are now actively cooperating with regional producers and farmers,’ Georgy Zhitmarev notes.

According to SPARK, the revenue of Prinevskoe for 2019 exceeded 1 billion rubles, the profit – 34 million rubles. The main co-owner of the company is Mukhazhir Etuev (75%). Other shareholders are Ekaterina Brazhnikova (9%), Vladimir Trokhimchuk (4.8%), Mikhail Romanov (2.4%), Viktor Ivanov (0.021%) and Vladimir Gelber (0.009%).

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