Bjerne Drexler: EkoNiva has created an exclusive club to promote the Russian agro-industrial complex

Источник: The DairyNews
The search for modern solutions that will help make Russian agriculture profitable and competitive was discussed at the 12th International Agricultural conference "Where is the Margin 2021", where Bjerne Drexler, member of the Board of Directors of EkoNiva Technika-Holding, Chairman of the Smart Farming Club presented the" Smart Farming Club", informs The DairyNews.

According to the expert, 62 agribusinessmen joined the club, which was established at the end of 2020, including the heads of large domestic agricultural holdings and companies engaged in the development of digital technologies for the automation of the agricultural sector. It is planned that over time, the club will have more than a thousand members-representatives of agricultural Russian and foreign businesses. According to Drexler, the land fund of the club's residents currently exceeds 2.7 million hectares, and the turnover of the participating companies is more than 550 billion rubles.

‘We are well aware that it is always more difficult to move forward alone, it is easier together,’ believes the Chairman of the club. ‘Therefore, we have created an exclusive platform where representatives of all the leading companies in the agro-industrial complex industry gather. Together, we want to go into the future, to combine our knowledge and experience, so as not to miss the chance to promote Russian agriculture.

According to the expert, the club holds thematic meetings with its members, where they discuss current problems and ways to solve them. He is sure that participation in the club provides a unique opportunity to join the professional community for open communication and exchange of best practices.

‘The incoming ticket to us is labor, experience, own developed and tested technologies,’ Drexler specified. ‘Thank God, manufacturers realized that it is necessary to be open and start sharing valuable experience and data platforms. We accept advanced people who are ready to share their knowledge and learn from others.

It is assumed that in the future, the club will begin to advise participants of the agro-industrial complex market on issues of digitalization, and over time will develop standards and regulations in this area.

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