Bebeshkino and AgroTek signed an agreement on the construction of a dairy farm in Pskov region

Источник: The DairyNews
The farm Bebeshkino is preparing for the construction of a dairy farm in Pechory district of Pskov region. The preliminary minimum investment in the project is about 20 million rubles. The corresponding construction agreement was signed between Head of the farm Bebeshkino Anvar Zufarov and Alexander Khaimsky, Head of the company AgroTek, today within the framework of the exhibition Agros, reports The DairyNews.

Anvar Zufarov comments:

‘We have been going to this for a long time. For several years, we have been meeting with AgroTek at exhibitions and at some point, the company came up with a proposal to build a farm. Previously, we agreed to conclude a contract at the festival "Cheese! Feast! Peace!", and today it was signed. I hope that we will start construction in the near future!’

The expert added that in July, at the festival “Cheese and Gingerbread” in Pskov region, the parties will present final design solutions and developments. The plans include the construction of a modern farm with a free stall housing system, milking on high-performance installations; the milking parlor will be equipped with electronics from AgroTek.

‘The question of the breed of cattle is still under discussion. The farm will have a tourist bias, and we will not aim at quantitative indicators of milk, much attention will be paid to the exterior and breed. Jersey, Galloway and Highland breeds are the matter for discussion,’ Anvar Zufarov adds.

The expert stressed that the Bebeshkino project is the beginning of a large-scale modern village revival project, and in the future, it can be a good example for the whole country: ‘We want to make and show an option of a new reconsideration of rural development,’ said Mr. Zufarov. ‘We focus on the high technological efficiency of the process in a small farm. In fact and in format, it is a family farm. But if we test it, visualize it, then studying our example, taking our solutions as a basis, others will follow,’ the farmer summed up.

‘We are very pleased to be in this project, to be a part of it, and we will make every effort to make the farm not only attractive from the point of view of tourism, but also work based on modern technologies,’ commented Alexander Khaimsky, Head of AgroTek.

The preliminary construction time of the farm is 6-8 months. Experts hope that by the beginning of next year the farm will be ready.

Новость об уходе компании Chr. Hansen, крупнейшего поставщика заквасок для российских молокоперерабатывающих комбинатов, наделала много шума в отечественной молочной отрасли. The DairyNews собрал комментарии экспертов, чтобы узнать, как повлияет уход датской компании на российский рынок кисломолочной продукции, отразится ли это на ценах, ассортименте и качестве продуктов, и есть ли варианты для замещения закваски другими производителями.
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