Battal Battalov held a meeting with the heads of breeding organizations of Dagestan

Источник: The DairyNews
The Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Moldova, Battal Battalov, held a meeting with the heads of breeding organizations of the republic. The event was dedicated to discussing the state and prospects of development of livestock breeding in Dagestan, the press service of the ministry reports.

As of September 1, 70 breeding organizations of the Republic of Dagestan with certificates for breeding pedigree animals in 77 areas, including 2 breeding plants, 53 breeding producers and 15 gene pool farms, were registered in the state breeding register of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. Of these, 16 organizations keep cattle, including 4 farms keeping meat cattle and 51keeping small cattle. Two enterprises keep agricultural poultry, one - dappled deer.

In total, breeding enterprises keep 9030 units of cattle, 203 thousand units of sheep and goats, 1610 units of poultry and 947 units of dappled deer. 300 million rubles are provided for state support of livestock breeding this year, some of which has already reached farms.

The work carried out to improve the breeding and productive qualities of the livestock available in the republic was noted. So, in the agricultural production cooperative Jurmut-1 of Tlyarata district, under the leadership of the leading scientist-sheep breeder of Russia, the author of three breeds, M. B. Pavlov, work on artificial insemination of small cattle has been established. Scientists of VNIIplem (All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Breeding) and FASC RD (Federal Agrarian Scientific Center of the Republic of Dagestan) are conducting research work to improve the breeding and productive qualities of sheep of the Dagestan mountain breed in the agricultural farm Agrofirma Choh and agricultural farm Agrofirma Sogratl of Gunib district. Also, a patent was obtained for a breeding achievement for the breed of sheep Artlukh merino bred on the basis of the agricultural production cooperative Breeding farm Krasny Oktyabr.

Many farms have purchased and installed their own SELEX software products, the rest of the breeding enterprises are provided with services by the Regional Information and Breeding Center. In all breeding enterprises, according to the instructions, cattle are valued by scientists and specialists invited from various scientific organizations. According to LLC Research and production company Plemservis, all the livestock of breeding animals is included in the Selex software.

At the same time, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed with great attention. The federal law "On Livestock Breeding", the Rules in the field of livestock breeding and the regulatory documents of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation specifically prescribe what legal entities that breed pedigree cattle should do. The minimum requirements are indicated, without which breeding support is not provided. The attention of the heads of breeding farms was drawn to the need to increase the level of preparation of primary accounting documents, proper management of animal valuation, as well as the great importance of effective organization of breeding sales. Breeding farms also need to introduce actively the method of artificial insemination of livestock.

The issues related to the acquisition of breeding farms by zootechnicians-breeders, specialists in breeding accounting and other necessary agricultural personnel in sufficient quantity were also considered. Attention was also drawn to the need to strengthen the work on the sale of pedigree young animals to commercial farms, as this is of great importance in the growth of production indicators of livestock farms in the republic.

‘In terms of the number of cattle in the ratings for the country, we have reached the leading positions. However, at the same time, the qualitative parameters of animal husbandry (milk yield per cow, wool shearing for sheep, offspring for one hundred queens, average daily weight gain, etc.) leave much to be desired. Therefore, the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Dagestan is aimed at overcoming this narrowest place in the livestock industry, that is, at improving the level of productivity and breeding value of livestock in Dagestan. The state allocates quite serious funds for these purposes, so the breeding farms need to respond appropriately to such care and eliminate the shortcomings in the work as soon as possible,’ Minister Battal Battalov summed up the meeting.

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