Association of network food companies was established in Russia

Источник: The DairyNews
Leading representatives of public catering enterprises in Russia - Dodo Pizza, Local kitchen, McDonald's, Subway and Sodexo - announce the creation of the Association of network food companies, writes The DairyNews.

The Association will represent the interests of network companies in the industry, its goal is to support the further development of the industry in the context of rapid transformation and increased attention of consumers to responsible running business in all aspects of the activities of food enterprises.

The new association will become a platform for the exchange of experience between systemic market players and will be engaged in the formation of best practices in the food industry, as well as the implementation of the principles of sustainable development. These changes will help to achieve a higher level of responsibility, quality, safety and, as a result, a better service for Russians.

The Association of network food companies intends to actively participate in the formation of new rules for business aimed at protecting the environment, in particular, within the framework of the practice of extended producer responsibility.

Natalia Ivanova, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as well as the Advisory Committee on Technical Regulation and Standardization of the Eurasian Economic Commission, will become the General Director of the Association.

‘Our company Local kitchen has grown into a unique project with its own characteristics for 3 years. We prepare hundreds of different dishes and update the menu every week, deliver ourselves and build complex processes around simple food. We have grown to the size of already quite mature companies and hundreds of thousands of customers trust us every day, it will be very important for us to share our experience with our colleagues on the shop floor. Together, we will try to change the idea of delivery for the better and make all our products only better,’ comments Anton Lozin, co-founder of Local kitchen.

‘Our industry is very actively developing, gradually blurring the boundaries between segments, traditional restaurants and fast food enterprises, businesses focused on delivery, catering, and so on. Now it is very important that the market representatives take the initiative and ensure the conditions for growth and competition, while being based on high standards of quality, ethical standards, transparency, openness and sustainable development. McDonald's is ready to share its best practices, standards and approaches with market participants within this new platform,’ says Mark Karena, CEO of McDonald's in Russia.

‘The main difference of Subway business is a strong community of franchisees, which, at the moment, includes 215 entrepreneurs. We are a franchise company in its most classical sense. Our focus is the development of the network; new aspiring entrepreneurs constantly join us. Therefore, we have a great responsibility for the development of the small business segment. Often, for new franchisees, buying a Subway restaurant is the first independent business. And we make sure that it is successful and brings a stable income,’ comments Olga Bludovskaya, President of Subway Russia. It is important for us to participate in the formation of initiatives, to be at the forefront of innovations related to the QSR segment and small businesses. We hope that by sharing our experience with our colleagues, together we will be able to bring qualitative changes to the industry.’

‘Today, large industrial companies with the number of employees reaching 30-40 thousand, choose partners for the organization of public catering very carefully, because it is not only the corporate culture - it is the quality of life of every employee, as well as a citizen of our country. That is why it is extremely important for us as key representatives of the corporate catering segment that the industry develops and transforms under the influence of high standards and requirements of industry leaders whose social responsibility scales in proportion to economic efficiency,’ said Andrey Zhavoronkov, President and CEO of Sodexo Russia.

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